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podnosi anonimne

Also, new theme guys, what do you think?

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P.S.: Sorry for not posting that so much, guys. 

P.S. 2: Yep, I edited your confession anon, I think that only this is the main idea. 

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Who know to read this? 

Zeo’s Story

I mean common - that arc had all the peices to make this work. They introduced an ancient tribe of people who’s whole purpose was the sealing of ancient beasts. They kept so much of the bitbeast history unexplained, yet drew links back and forth between humans and them- they COULD have pulled this off and it would have been SO much better instead of pulling that android explaination out of their butts.

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Alright, I am tired of typing every time “submitted by anon” and decided to do something different:

Enviado por anão

(ps: anão is “anon” in the brazilian portuguese mistranslation)

And sorry for my inactivity.

~Knight Papillon

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Askbox empty guys. 

~Knight Papillon

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